Thursday, March 26, 2009

My fav 5 80's songs

well number 5 has to be, "Break it Down Again," by Tears For Fears. Number 4 is, "King For A Day," by the Thompson Twins. Number 3 is, "If You Leave," by OMD. Number 2 is, "Wild Boys" by Duran Duran and my number one fav 80's song is, "In A Big Country," by Big Country.

later and have a good day your friend Lavernix

Sunday, March 22, 2009

How I Became Lavernix

Hey, this might be the first time you have heard of me but I go by more than one name others go like this: Maverick, Cajo of the hill people, Brickcajo, Caj, Barbarian, The Crusader, 007 man of mystery(that ones from me). Well, you get the idea when I was little my uncle gave me this awesome coconut monkey that he had bought in Hawii. It was awesome it had glasses and it was as big as my head! Just like all little kids I gave it a name and as you might guess it was Lavernix. I played with it for a total of 10 minutes before the most horrific thing that ever happend in my live took place. Both of my oldest cousins got these monkeys to and my oldest cousin grew a deep and bitter hatred towards lavernix and when I turned my head just for a second he snatched Lavernix and ran of. What happend next is not for the faint at heart then he comenced on slamming Lavernix against everything,(while the whole time I'm crying for him to show some mercy),but alas Lavernix gave way to the mighty slams and died:(. After my cousin finished his evil act he threw Lavernix's remanded over our fence in to a junk yard. When I saw that he was no where in site I gently picked up Lavernix and layed him to rest in our field, to this day that spot more than any other in that field grows greenest. In conclusion I now bare his name so as to let his legend and love spread throughout the world.

Thanks for spending your time with me till next time God bless you and may he bring you closer to his heart